Dental Care for Seniors

Seniors tend to have less saliva & take more medication, both of which dramatically affect their oral health. Some health conditions & as particular medications can cause “dry mouth.” Saliva is important to lubricate, flush out plaque & neutralize the acid plaque produces. Plaque buildup accelerates tooth decay & gum infections cause the teeth’s bone support to weaken. As a result, daily brushing, a healthy diet & using fluoride are more important than ever.

Other oral changes seniors face are darker teeth due to long-term plaque exposure & changes in the dentin in the tooth, receding gums that uncover roots susceptible to decay & darker, decaying fillings from deterioration over time.

Dentures that do not fit correctly or are not properly cleaned, illness & some medications can also exacerbate oral problems.

Please call our office if you have any questions or for more information regarding senior oral health problems & care.